Journeying to Berlin

Apologies for the gap in posts, I have been on my holidays! I went for a nice city break to Berlin, and man I have never eaten so well. Everywhere you look in Berlin there are restaurants and cafe’s for all tastes catering for veggies and vegans! In this post I will show you my favourite places I ate at.

First up is Ishin. As soon as you sit down you are brought a complementary cup of warm green tea. The veggie and vegan options are limited but it was by far the best sushi I had ever eaten! Here is the pickled butternut squash and avocado nori rolls. I also had a side of wakame and sesame salad.

Next up is Rembrandt Burger. They have a good selection of omni, vegetarian and vegan burgers. You can customise them with your choice of fries (I had sweet potato) and a variety of toppings (including avocado!). The service was amazing, they managed to find us a space to sit even though they were full. Here I had the halloumi burger with avocado and sweet potato fries with ketchup and mayo.

Next up is Cupcake Berlin. They do a wide variety of vegan cupcakes and brownies, some are also gluten free. They also do hot drinks and milkshakes. Here I had a chocolate and peanut butter cupcake, my boyfriend had an oreo cupcake. Delicious they were too!

Vietnamese food is very popular in Berlin and many of the Vietnamese restaurants are vegetarian/ vegan. I visited Buddha’s Kitchen. Here I had the tofu and veg rolls to start and the Vietnamese satay curry for main, both were absolutely delicious!

No visit of Berlin would be complete without currywurst. The best news is that there is a vegan option at Curry At The Wall they also cook the vegan bratwurst separately from the meat!  Like the name suggests it is close to a remaining piece of the Berlin wall still stood in the street today.

Special mention goes to the German’s love of cola mixed with orange, and it actually tastes nice. This Mezzo Mix is the coca cola branded version, but old east German brand Vita Cola also does a version too.


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