Echo Friendly Period: Cloth Pads and Menstrual Cups

Like many councils, my local authority has reduced my bin collection to once every three weeks! I recycle as much as possible but have been looking for more ways to reduce what I put in my black bin.
After being caught short one day with my period showing up out of the blue and having to rush to the shop to pick up some sanitary towels, I wondered if there were re-usable options.
After some online research, I discovered cloth panty liners and pads! They are washable, come in pretty designs and last on average for five years!
As long as you soak them properly they will not stain and become more absorbent the more you wash them! Some women have even reported that their periods have become lighter and less painful following the switch to cloth pads.
I have also purchased myself a Si-bell menstrual cup. Moon cup is probably the most well known brand, but Si-bell cups are softer and good if you have a sensitive bladder. I do have a sensitive bladder, a firm cup means I can’t pee! The cups are also re-usable, just remember to wash them thoroughly and sterilise them using a sterilising tablet before use!
If you wish to learn more about re-usable menstrual wear I recommend Youtube channel Precious Star Pads Bree is only 16 years old and knows more about periods and re-usable protection than most people twice her age! She is full of useful information and tips on picking and caring for your pads and cups.


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